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8 Reasons Why You Should Promote Your Brand On Linkedin

promote business on linkedin

As years passed by, LinkedIn has always served to the most powerful tool for individuals who seek to build a network or promote the brand. While the platform is important for a business, LinkedIn has always changed the game plan for B2B companies. So, if you’re dabbling in the B2B realm, then you shouldn’t wait to use LinkedIn for the social media marketing strategy.

Why Your Business Needs Linkedin?

A Popularly Used Platform

According to a report, LinkedIn is the most preferred platform for B2B marketers. While 21% of professionals state that LinkedIn is the best platform, 41% of them rank it on top of the list. The data was collected when it was compared with 30% who realize the importance of Facebook. As per a report published in the year 2015, business owners rank the platform third in the list. Apart from 62% of entrepreneurs who commonly use the social media site, 22% cite that they intend to use the platform in the forthcoming years. This actually reveals that LinkedIn is surely a valuable business tool.

Best for Product Launches

If you rely on press releases to make others aware of products, then it’s time to reconsider. This is because LinkedIn has an impact on how the news spreads within the world of consumers and bloggers. Almost 80% of B2B business love using the platform for a product launch. This is not the scenario in comparison with Facebook and Twitter.

Helps to Recruit Talent

Seeking job applicants has always been effective over the past four years. According to a research conducted by LinkedIn, a 73% hike was observed in using the platform for recruitments. The percentage was relatively high when weighed against the use of staffing agencies and online job portals.

Effective for Generating Leads

The 2012 research observed that referral traffic from LinkedIn had a better conversion rate among social media platforms. The figure was much higher than Facebook or Twitter. While the percentage might change over the years, undoubtedly LinkedIn does drive enormous leads in the B2B business world.

Perfect for Thought Leadership

For those who wish to establish their brands, LinkedIn serves as the ideal channel for content distribution. Business owners can go a long way once they are among the influencers within LinkedIn groups. They can always think about enhancing the reputation with a trusted identity in the industrial segment.

Helps to Build Relationships

Since it’s universally known that LinkedIn aids in nurturing relationships online, you can always stay connected to people personally. With the platform, 44% of LinkedIn users were successful to build face-to-face relationships.

Enhances Search Visibility

Once the LinkedIn profile is optimized properly, there’s always a greater chance of a higher ranking within Google search engine results. Just make sure you use the right keywords in the page description and the personal bio. Post links to your website so that people can get a better idea of what you deal in.

Aids for Reaching Followers

Unlike Facebook, an update on LinkedIn is immediately visible under the followers’ feeds. This means that your efforts have enough potential to capture the attention. Everything pays off as an algorithm or a filtered feed never creates an impact. If you wish to reach 60% of the target audience, then you should post more than 20 posts per month. Just ensure that you post regularly to maximize the reach.

Hope you are now convinced that it’s worth investing with LinkedIn. Using the platform for establishing connections can always augment to your marketing strategy.