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What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Your Definitive Guide

what is seo

Whenever you do some research on the web, it automatically gives you loads of sites you can choose from. Have you wondered how these search engines decide which one must be on the top of the results they offer? This is because of the very powerful strategy called search engine optimization (SEO).

So, What SEO Is?

Search engine optimization is a method or technique that helps search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Duck Duck Go) find and rank a specific website higher than than the uncountable of websites that are available on the internet.

Its basically optimizing your site or a blog so when someone wants to find a specific thing with the help of a keyword in a search engine, your website will be placed on the top of the list.

And the proper implementation of SEO can bring more traffic or make more people viewing your website or the blog.

SEO is a practice of improving both external and internal aspects of the site to improve its visibility in search engines. It’s accomplished by optimizing some part in the HTML coding of each page. But there are various ways or strategies on how a site must be optimized, and it will depend much on the site’s type, content, competition, and purpose.

On the other hand, general search optimization relies totally on the right use of keywords that explain the content of a website. Keywords must be placed on the title section of your web page. They must also be in the section where the page is accurately described by repeating the keywords.

Also, each page must have one or more unique keywords to make sure maximum SEO. The use of keyword is very important to Search engine optimization as it’s the one that pulls out traffic to your site.

Watch this SEO beginner guide by industry best Neil Patel –

SEO and SEM: Let’s Dig Out the Actual Difference

SEO is remodeling the website content to fit specific keywords which are there for you to rank for. These keywords are mostly researched by an SEO expert, to fit in line with your site and what it targets to make so that you are competing in an area which you might not draw business from, but potentially grow in the future.

Search engine optimization concentrated on getting the content full to the peak with quality. Then, once your content is complete of well – linked pages and calculated the use of keywords you prefer to aim for, you slowly start to move up the rankings. Your website traffic is generated as you are placed in the highest ranks in the search engines, but it can take a long time. But if you wish to have a quick boom with an important project, perhaps a product which suits for a season, then SEO is not for you.

It can take several months to see targeted results, but the serious work you take to do the job is there for all to see at the end. There is no way to fool the search engines, so you will have to wait until. The contracts can be very expensive and search engine optimization tends to be used when businesses are already going well and can cover the costs.

On the other hand…

Search engine marketing is using search engines but in a unique way. With SEM you don’t have to completely redo your site to make it fit with search engine optimization ways and the like, you use the spaces on the various search engines to ensure that you are visible as the most liked and for the keywords chosen.

This means you can actually pull more traffic to your site, in a short time period, and the budgets are not as bulky as the likes of Pay per Click (PPC). This means that the budgets are enormously affordable, depending of course on what market you are engaging in. Fiercely competitive marketing with huge budgets already being spend can see costs rising, so ensure you know the potential costs before getting into a search engine marketing contract.

It provides the chance to build a short – term website traffic burst while enabling long – term customers in the process. If the payments are maintained on your campaigns, it will begin to bring new customers. You just have to ensure you see the products in the right manner to them efficiently – high traffic is, unless with a cheap site and poor sales copy.

What Kind of Activities Cover in SEO?

What Is Search Engine OptimizationWhat is Search Engine Optimization?

Keyword Research


  • The first and vital step that must not be taken lightly.


Keyword research is a way to identify the most important keywords for your site or blog. This research needs keyword research tools which can guide you find the most appropriate keywords for your site.

When doing keyword research, you must be with a root keyword or the seed. Today you get a wide choice of free and paid tools available for keyword research. There are a few things that you must remember when performing a keyword research –

  • Begin with low competition and long tail
  • To get an idea give a try to the Google autocomplete
  • Make use of Google related search
  • Make use of the paid tools that can help you to do the research

Competition Analysis


  • This process is done to identify who your competitors are by performing an analysis. You can do this with the help of search engine optimization software and competition analysis tools.


After completing the keyword research, the next step is to perform a competitive analysis and website audit. These are very essential to prepare the list of on – page and off – page activities.

Many search engine optimization professionals don’t give importance to this step and move directly to the next. Website audit and assessment is a very tedious process if you don’t know the basics of SEO, ranking factors and how exactly Google ranks the web pages.

There are loads of paid tools available for a website audit.

You can audit your current website and targeted keywords, this will give you a clear idea about what can be enhanced on your site.

On – Page SEO


  • The most important factor which should be performed very carefully to have better search ranking positions in search results.


As Google is becoming quick-witted and just adding keyword stuffed content will never help your site to rank on the first place.

Tips and factors

  • Write unique and informative content
  • Don’t stuff keywords into the content. Instead, share valuable information
  • The URL structure and site structure will matter a lot
  • Your website must load quickly
  • Make your site mobile optimized
  • Update your website on a regular basis

Off – Page Optimization or Link Building


  • In simple words, off-page SEO is a technique in which SEOs try to build links on third party websites or social media platforms by sharing valuable content in different forms. This is a kind of off site marketing which play a vital role in determining the ranking position for your targeted keyword.


Pro Tip: The more relevant & quality backlinks are, chances might increase for top ranking positions.

Links are very essential for trust and ranking. But you cannot just create them from any sites. Instead, you need to earn them from high quality authorized sites and they must be also relevant to your niche. If you are building links from poor quality websites having very low content, you might never be able to rank your website.

Measure Traffic and Rankings

Search engine optimization is not just a one-time activity. You must keep updating it, keep making new and unique content on a regular basis. If you don’t track your ranking and update your website and the content, they might never be able to come up in the search results.

To monitor the rankings all you have to do is to make use of the available tools like SEMrush and Seoprofiler. Search engine optimization is complex and needs regular practice. You must maintain your knowledge and update the needed changes frequently to rank your site or your client’s website.

How Social Media Affects Organic Results?

Websites get their traffic from various sources, and one of those is social media. But can qualify the effect of the traffic that our website gets from social media? NO, you can never do that. But there are quite a few tools that can actually calculate the amount of traffic that comes to your site from the social media platforms, those figures will only include the audience who clicked the link.

Ways How It Affects Organic Traffic

Organic traffic means searching for a website with a help of search engine results as against to searching a site through another site, social media can, in various ways, affects what will be considered as organic traffic. But, how?

  • Recommendation and referrals
  • Paid Ads
  • Brand recognition is enormously increased with the help of social media

What to Expect From Search Engine Optimization?

Any business that is serious about getting real clients and online presence have to consider the impact of search engine optimization. These days businesses are very aware of SEO and they consider it to be factored into all online marketing methods.

It’s Highly Cost-Effective and Affordable

The process of finding search engine optimization services that are effective and affordable is very straightforward. When you consider the return on investment potential those companies that provide great SEO service will also provide excellent value for money. In attracting relevant clients to your website you significantly increase profitability; so your initial monetary outlay is recovered immediately, putting money back in your bank. This in turns means that you have covered the SEO campaign expenses and in the long run it makes financial sense.

The Easiest Way to Connect With the Targeted Audience

Optimizing your site with different keywords enhances the chance that your ideal customer will be able to spot it. While your website might already pull a high volume of audience, they might not be the type of audience you are looking to target. Quality search engine optimization can generate quality leads that can further increase the profits as the clients it hits has a real need to make use of your service.

Your Conversion Rate Will Be Increased

Following on from getting in the right type of clients, drawing them in builds support with them and results in greater conversion rates. Well, search engine optimization must feature good quality content on your site that is engaging, optimized and offers a high volume of good keyword density as this will enormously improve the conversion rate of any website.

SEO is Highly Versatile and Easy to Customize

If you have chosen the right SEO expert or a company who provides such service they will use the technique that is totally crafted to meet the needs of your company. Having the pliability to adapt your SEO campaign will be important in keeping pace with the rivals and maintaining a strong online presence.

Provides Business a Kind of Online Longevity

Short term marketing solutions are very pointless, need large amounts of efforts, less returns and they might also end up wasting more time and money. The real beauty of search engine optimization is that it works at its best when used on a long term scale, offering good quality leads, that further translates into increased sales and profits and establishing a brand that is made noticeable to your target audience. Also, this will keep clients coming back as client business relations will be established.

Search Engine Optimization is Easy to Analyze

If your SEO campaign has been used correctly the immediate impact will be easier to analyze. But, an SEO marketing service company can also draw on vital stat data to offer the company with explained reports on how the company measures up when competing for customers on the internet.

SEO Impacts on the Buying Decisions

Search engine optimization influences buying decisions. This is because of the credibility and trust that was developed. Use SEO to refine your conversions by largely impacting the buying decision of those on the internet.

In brief…

The advantages of search engine optimization are endless and we consider it an excellent marketing investment you must make if you really care for your business. It’s a long term asset, it helps you to get more traffic, sales, and leads. It does not require any sort of advertising.

Make the right decision by choosing us as your SEO expert 🙂