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What Facility Ecommerce Site Should Offer to Their Customers

What Facility Ecommerce Site Should Offer to Their Customers

Ecommerce is basically a term used for any kind of business or transaction that involves transfer of information through internet. It covers almost all types of business from consumer retail sites to business exchanges, trading goods and services between corporations.

Ecommerce allows people to buy any product online by sitting at the comforts of their homes. Online shopping just requires computer and internet connection. Consumers today have more options to shop than ever. As ecommerce is booming industry all over the world, there are numerous ecommerce websites that have emerged to sell products online.

In this high competitive online market if you want to increase your sales and want more people to shop from your website, you need to offer some great facilities to your customers to make their shopping experience pleasant with your website.

Few facilities ecommerce sites should offer to their customers:

  1. Pricing: make sure that you offer reasonable price for your products. Customers always compare the price from other websites. So decide on the price based on competitive price analysis and offer the best price to your customers.
  2. Customer service: you need a dedicated customer service team to handle the issues of customers and your customer service should be available 24*7 for assistance. So that customers can use the site and shop according to their convenience.
  3. Easy navigation of website: customers should be able to navigate your website without any hassle. Add features like auto-scrolling to help them save time.
  4. Provide security for transactions: Customers always want to be safe and secured while doing online transactions such as giving credit card information online. Therefore, it is important to offer secured transaction and get SSL certification.
  5. Online chat support: Many people want to inquire about the product straightaway while at the product images and price. So provide online chat support to customers and answer their queries.
  6. Delivery of product on time: as we know online trading can be done from any part of the world. So it becomes important to deliver the goods to the respective destinations on time. Shipping terms and conditions should be mentioned clearly on the website.
  7. Mobile website: when you create a website make sure that you also develop a mobile version of it. These days, the use of smart phones has increased and customers prefer to buy products through mobile apps. If they can access the website from mobile easily, they can shop straightaway.
  8. Attracting customers: high quality images of the products should be displayed on the website. For instance, you can see how online saree stores like Rachit Fashion attract the customers by presenting good quality images of sarees online in a wedding season. And they highlight it too by tagline such as “shop wedding sarees online”. So you can attract customers with offers and discounts.

All the above points should be considered and offer these facilities to customers, then you can increase the sales. Always keep in mind that once a customer is always a customer.