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Terms and Conditions

At Loyal Web Solutions we present our clients with outsourcing as well as IT development services. This also includes placement of remote contractors. If a client is willing to choose or chose Loyal Web Solutions for the services we provide, the client will have to go through our terms and conditions of this Service Agreement that we provide and the services will be provided accordingly.

Service Agreement

Definitions and explanation of this Agreement Schedule 1 provides definition and the meaning for this service agreement The terms and conditions of Loyal Web Solutions website offer the system of standard activities like the clientele request, choosing or hiring an employee of Loyal Web Solutions or developer or any other person related with Loyal Web Solutions and perform regular activities with regard to this contract. The nature of this agreement does not form any kind of employment between Loyal Web Solutions and the client and is accepted and agreed by the client. The responsibility to choose the right Loyal Web Solutions employee or a developer rests with the client. The hiring process for independent service providers is done on the basis of applicable local guideline or as deemed fit by Loyal Web Solutions. No authority is given to any Loyal Web Solutions employee or developer to enter into the contract or the agreement in any form on behalf of Loyal Web Solutions. The agreement does not create any type of partnership between Loyal Web Solutions or its developer or the employee and the client.

Time duration

This agreement is or will be applicable on a monthly basis and will begin on the starting date as agreed upon mutually by the client and Loyal Web Solutions. The agreement will continue until ended in accordance with clause 12.


The payment time is provided in schedule 1 and as per the requisite terms and conditions mentioned on the Loyal Web Solutions website. The provision stated in the schedule 1 are a part of this agreement and are applicable for the same.

Liability declaration

In case of any damage, loss compensation or costs happening direct or indirect, to the client, no liability will be incurred by Loyal Web Solutions. Following cases are incorporated, but not limited to: Any deferral in introduction of Loyal Web Solutions employees or developers by Loyal Web Solutions. The event of non – acceptance of an assignment or an offer by Loyal Web Solutions or its employees and developers. Related to the performance of an employee or developer of Loyal Web Solutions.

Indemnity of Loyal Web Solutions

With respect to the following event of loss or claims the client has to pay assurance to Loyal Web Solutions. Any injury to a employee or developer of Loyal Web Solutions while performing his/her duties for the client. Property damage while performing of duties by a Loyal Web Solutions employee or developer.


The client will have to pay $15,000 to Loyal Web Solutions and the same to the employee or developer who has been hired or offered by the client directly. When this agreement is over or terminated, no Loyal Web Solutions employee who executing a project for the client or has completed a project for a client in the last 1 year can be offered any agreement or contract or permanent employment by the client. No client of Loyal Web Solutions can offer any assignment or work to Loyal Web Solutions employee, memebers, referrals friends or network without the prior approval and an agreement of Loyal Web Solutions. No communication or information exchange regarding the pricing and payment between the company and its employees or developers shall be permitted.

Intellectual property

All the material prepared by the Loyal Web Solutions employee and developer will be retained by the client and intellectual property rights for any such work shall consult with the client.


All parties agree and accept that personal detail and any sensitive information will be handled according to the privacy laws.

Confidential information

The only information which can be revealed by the parties is that which is only needed by the law.


Both parties represent and approve the other party that: There are no actions, claims, inquiries or events pending or threatened against it or by it of which is known to, and which might have an important effect on the subject substance of this agreement.


Loyal Web Solutions may instantly ( or with effect from any later date it might seem fit) terminate if: The client breaches this agreement and does not solve or rectify within five business days The client becomes unable to pay the debt. The client may appoint the Loyal Web Solutions employee or a developer on a trial basis, which can be anywhere between one hour and a maximum of ten working days. The client can terminate the employee or the developer at any time during this period. Subject to the client complying with provision mentioned in the schedule 1, if the client can end the full time employee in the following manner: A notice period of thirty days is needed. For less than six months of his/her appointment A notice period of sixty days in required. For more than six months. Termination: all the confidential information will be returned back by the client to Loyal Web Solutions.


All the terms mentioned will be accepted by the client as per the terms and conditions of Loyal Web Solutions website.
  • Service request made by a client or
  • A client, assigning Loyal Web Solutions to offer services to a client or
  • The client hiring and selection a employee or developer of Loyal Web Solutions or
  • Any payment done by the client as per schedule 1, including but not limited to monthly fee or setup fee and /or any payment of Loyal Web Solutions invoices ( whichever is prior) or
  • The client suggesting its acceptance

Duty of confidentiality

Loyal Web Solutions and its employee acknowledge that while working with a client, they may have access to confidential information of the client. Loyal Web Solutions and its employee undertake not to disclose or use confidential information to any third parties.

Schedule 1 – Fee structure

Systematic billing system

If an employee or a developer of Loyal Web Solutions is appointed by a client, the client must use the systematic billing system. The client may pay Loyal Web Solutions, advance for the services by using any of the following option;
  • Prepaid payments
  • Regular monthly payments – Credit card and debit card payment and bank account or electronic fund transfer.
Each payment is to be made on agreed monthly date or in advance. The client can make payments through EFT, electronic fund transfer into Loyal Web Solutions INR bank accounts. If there are any overtime payments due, the same will be charged to the client and will also be added in the following month’s invoice. The client at any time may ask for a refund of the amount held within two week refund processing period. Insufficient funds If
  • The available balance is zero or
  • The client does not pay on time under the monthly/regular or prepaid payment option, Loyal Web Solutions is entitled to suspend the services of the Loyal Web Solutions employee or developer for a period of five business days (Suspension period).
The client must pay to Loyal Web Solutions any amount in arrears during the suspension period, else the agreement will be terminated.


The employee or developer of Loyal Web Solutions is entitled to request for leaves on public holidays of his/her location subject to the approval of Loyal Web Solutions as it seem fit.