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What Shopify Holds for Businesses?

shopify for businesses

Shopify announced at their annual conference that they might be releasing a set of new features coming year. As 2019 approached, its now to take a look at some of their new features – also how they help you to grow their business. From multi- currency to dynamic checkout, they have a bunch to have a look at.

Multi- currency

Shopify has introduced a feature called multi – currency. This helps brands to sell in local money through the payment option, this feature helps both the international and the local customers with an unforgettable shopping experience.

Although the platform has always enabled brands to showcase various currencies within their website, the price might change to UK pound when customers go to the checkout page. In spite of its friendly interface providing buyers the option to pay their local money to enable them to complete their purchase. And with a decent checkout experience and a client – friendly global storefronts, you will be able to revamp your client’s loyalty process across boundaries.

To make the prices more same to the client, the app has a built – in location functionality wraps the price based on the exchange rates. This experience make the customer feel they are in the known territory, which helps to lessen abandon – cart prices and buyer hesitation.

This multi- currency feature is only available for the premium users who prefer Shopify payments, so if you are not on the PLUS version of the plan, then its time to upgrade to make use of the new features.

Local payment methods

It is said that Shopify will soon enable merchants to provide customer local payment methods. This is a great part of the global expansion – which makes customer to pay with their suitable and wanted method, you will be able to have trust with your overseas clients too.

The payment method can vary across various countries, which is why it’s essential to provide your clients a payment option they are well known with. By knowing how your overseas clients want to pay for their products, you will be able to navigate them better the landscape of global selling. So keep on eye on the local payment option, it will be launched by Shopify soon.

Upgrded in – person selling

When it comes to sales, eCommerce is the more dominating than a local or a physical store, this does not mean you must underestimate the human factor power. Whether you are an owner of a pop – up store or a seller at an event, the platform has launched a set of features to guide you sell in person.

It is expected that Shopify will be rolling out a wide range to features to help users to create more valuable customer interactions which includes;

  • Tap and chip reader
  • Tipping
  • Returns and Exchange

These new features will be an eye opener when it comes to promoting a brand offline. This helps you to target less on the deal and more on the client and you will also be able to offer your buyers an upgraded version of the in – person shopping experience, which helps them to be your cordial customer to your business.

Dynamic checkout

PShopify has enabled a dynamic checkout feature to their product page. This feature allows your customers to checkout easily from the product page itself, using the most suitable payment method.

By offering your clients the chance to skip past the regular multi – step checkout process, this checkout enables shoppers to buy their products without leaving the screen they are using. The customer will have the chance to go through the regular checkout and add various items to their carts, but this feature offers them a chance to catch those extra sales from people in a flurry.

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