Search Engine Optimization

An important aspect of online and web marketing is enough and the correct visibility of your company. If a customer cannot find you, you are not doing it right. It is only when you are available that the business can be converted. This is why to engage a professional for Search Engine optimization is what every company is doing today.

We enhance your business by making your presence Stronger!

Each website is made differently and we know that it has different needs. This is why none of our practices for SEO are standard and we customize them in every way possible to suit your needs the best.

Here is How we Make it Work for you

Keywords: Focus on target keywords depending upon your requirement. We could start from just 8 keywords and extend to an unlimited number.

A Planning dashboard: to show you what the progress so far is

Content Management and Interactive Advertising in the form of blogs, articles and Web.2.0 articles. We also offer guest posts and other interactive social media interaction to increase the public relations and publicity of the company

Recommendations: We ensure that your website gets the best page ranking and is recommended on other websites as well.

Link Strategy and Media Publicity: Looking for a press release? Leave it on us! In case you need to streamline mailers and promotional emails, we provide you the best customized package too!

Branding and Marketing: Your business is not complete unless you have a strong online branding image and we do just that as per your needs. Looking for linkages to promote your business or even online AdWords? Trust us for the best in the industry.

SEO is not just about making the efforts to build an online image. It also needs revisions and editions in the plan as per the developing needs and trends.

With LWS handling your SEO, you are offered the best and latest trends in the market. This is why our expert teams handle each client with confidentiality and care. A customer care department is also available to handle all your queries and complaints for immediate resolution even when you are away.

Need more information or a free price quote for the package as per your company needs? Call us now and we will make sure we offer the best in the industry!