Responsive Web Design

Google has officially announced that they give more prominence to responsive websites. Thus, it becomes necessary to have website which seamlessly work on all size of devices. Loyal Web Solutions is the most reliable responsive web design company in India offering professional and affordable web design solutions.

Responsive web design is definitely the need of the hour if you are looking to give your business a prominent online presence. For those who don’t know: the term “responsive web design” is used for the practice of getting your website optimized for functioning well on all devices including smartphones, tablets and desktops. Due to responsive design’s ability to help websites reach more people, even search engine giant Google recommends this design pattern.

At Loyal Web Solutions, we offer responsive web design services for helping businesses complete the transition from desktop and laptops to mobiles seamlessly. Our unmatchable quality and affordable rates make us one of the best responsive web design service provider companies in India.

How We Plan for a Responsive Web Design?

One of the primary goals of a business website is promoting the products and/or services the mother company is offering. So, when we design a website, we always make sure that our design contains elements required for connecting to your targeted customer base. Here are some rules we follow when designing a responsive website:

Structure: We believe that structure of a website depends on two main factors, the kind of audience it is looking to attract and the style of business it is representing. We make sure that all design features of a particular website are consistent and easily comprehensible so that every visitor coming to the site can navigate around it without much difficulty.

Pages: We always present web content in such a way so that it provides all the information visitors coming to your site are looking for. With us, you will never get low quality, unhelpful content. However, we also make sure that your visitors don’t become victims of information overload. Each page on websites designed by us has a purpose.

Navigation: The majority of the users don’t take more than 30 seconds to decide whether they will spend more time on a website or start looking elsewhere. Thus, we make sure that sites designed by us have clear navigation along with a minimal learning curve for visitors, irrespective of the device they are using. We do use attractive, unique layouts and styles, but never sacrifice ease of use for that.

Content: For modern websites, the term “content’ doesn’t only refer to textual content, it’s much more than that. Thus, to improve experience of your targeted users on all platforms, we combine different kinds of content in right proportions.

Some Essential Considerations We Make When Designing Responsive Websites

  • We maintain consistency to make your website more memorable to targeted users
  • We never compromise with the quality of user experience offered by a website in order to give the site a unique look. Our websites are efficient, fast and has clear navigation controls for all platforms.
  • We never forget to add calls to action, useful information, engaging headlines and always make sure that the content is placed appropriately.

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