Why Outsource IT Works to India is Good for Business?

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Ever increasing growth of information technology sector has changed the perception of India in the global arena. With over 10 million skilled workforce, India has become one of the world's largest outsourcing destinations for tech industry. It inspires Multi Million IT companies to outsource work in India. It does not only save them money but also provides better quality, efficiency and reliability which results into improved productivity and increased net worth.

What Inspire Foreign IT Companies to Outsource work in India?

Many companies are turning to offshore destinations like India for many reasons. There are several aspects that instigate India as the best resource to have cost effective and quality IT solutions such as:

Youth Power

Modern India has started nurturing youth power and all possibilities to utilize their skill to develop a better future and employment opportunities. New government of Bhartiya Janata Party has recently approved India's first integrated National Policy for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship 2015.

Such resolutions not only sharpen skills of young population but also represent them as better option to choose as your offshore resources.

Growing IT Hub

According to National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM), it is not that bad to invest in a huge IT market which supposed to be grow 11% better per annum and will triple its current annual revenue to reach US$ 350 billion by FY 2025.

Report by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) said, India's IE (Internet Economy) will touch new heights of Rs 10 trillion by next 3 years.

In short, India is the most reliable IT hub to choose as your offshore destination which is growing rapidly.

Digital India Programme

PM Namo Narendra Modi

With an aim to promote an idea of e-Governance more effectively, our new Prime Minister Narendra Modi has inaugurated a programme called "Digital India".

Government is trying to make a hi-tech eco system by utilizing the power of Information Technology under this revolutionary Multi mode model.

Such efforts by our government ensure better opportunities and resources for locals as well as foreigners who want to outsource their work in India.

Benefits of Outsource IT Work in India

If you look at the current competition of offshore market, you will find India at top of all. There are many benefits that lure global IT entrepreneurs with deep faith in India as their No. 1 offshore choice. Let's discuss few benefits below.

Pocket Friendly Cost

Cost saving is the basic idea that brings outsourcing in light. Many global IT employers looking for a market that provides workflow at fraction of cost without compromising the quality.

Do you believe or not but outsourcing to India saves you 60% cost in compare to other countries. Thus, India is a leading offshore destination ensuring low-cost but higher quality.

Increased Efficiency

Choosing India to outsource your work will surely ensure better ROI (Return on Investment). Assigning your projects to one of the IT service provider companies like Loyal Web Solutions would increase your productivity. They work on your behalf at your convenience by employing expertise team to make sure that you get efficient work quality.

Let you Focus on Core Areas

Outsourcing of your IT work including website development and design would make you free and let you concentrate on other core needs of your business.

Reduce Infrastructure and Technology Cost

The foremost benefit of outsourcing is reduced investment on infrastructure and technology. By hiring offshore IT solution provider companies you will get pre-installed infrastructure and advanced technology.

Access to Extensive Expertise

Outsourcing to India will reduce your burden of hiring expensive resources to work for you. You will get a pool of skilled and experienced IT professionals to work on your assigned projects.

How to Choose Professional Offshore IT Company?

Choosing an offshore IT company is not that easy task for everyone. It requires many things to consider before choosing IT company as your outsourcing partner such as:

  • Make sure that your hired company is legal and registered according to the Indian Jurisdiction.
  • It can able to provide you enough workforce and expertise require to accomplish your goals.
  • Your chosen company should have ethical cash back policy.
  • Never hire company by reading text testimonials. Instead, you should approach clients directly with whom they are working. It helps you to get an idea about their reliability.
  • Never believe in freelancers.

Hope, this write up will help you to understand the importance of choosing India as your offshore destination.

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