Great News - Small Business Can Now Build Website With Google For Free

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After you have claimed your listing on the most popular search engine, Google, you can create a mobile friendly website without investing anything. This means that you can build an online presence and present your business for free.

Google would automatically use images and the information from Google My Business for creating the website. Later, you can customize the layout with text, themes, and photos. The website would be automatically updated once you add the business information and some more images. Visitors can navigate the website without any hassles because the design would adapt to screens of the cell phones, desktops and laptops.

Soon after you have claimed your business, a dialog box would prompt you to start creating the website. Initially, you need to ‘Preview the site’ and start making it visually appealing. If you don’t want to change the design, then you can click ‘Not Now’ and then go to the Google My Business account. This would aid you to make change the appearance through the website menu. Moving ahead, you have to follow the instructions that appear on the screen and start redesigning the site. You can either publish the web pages immediately or wait till you are ready with the design.

Now, let’s look at how you can edit and optimize the website.

How to Edit and Optimize the Google Website?

When you are concerned about editing and optimizing the website, you are allowed to edit certain elements. For enhancing the visual appeal, you can change the site’s content as per your desires. This can be easily accomplished after you figure out what the potential customers are seeking.

Steps you Need to Follow for Editing

Step 1: Firstly, you need to sign in to Google My Business with your credentials.

Step 2: If you have many locations, then it’s necessary to choose the suitable location.

Step 3: Once you see the menu, you have click on ‘Website’, an option at top left corner. This step would help you check out the number of people who have visited the site. Further, you need to click on the ‘Info’ icon to check the web traffic.

Step 4: Now, you need to use the panel on the left hand side and select the area of the site which you wish to edit. Once you edit the site, you can click on the ‘Done’ button.

List of Elements you Can Edit

  • Theme on which the website is based on.
  • Fields like ‘Description’ and ‘Header’.
  • The main action button you want the customers to see. These include ‘Get Directions’, ‘Call Now’, ‘View Menu’, ‘Find Table’, ‘Place order’, ‘Message Us’, and ‘Get Quote’.
  • You can always change the photographs as you can upload the images into the gallery. For changing the cover photo, you can click the ‘Change cover photo’ button. Once you have set the cover photo, then it would be the same for Google My Business listings.
  • Business information can be changed at any point in time. This includes the business hours, the name of the organization, working hours, contact number and the business sector. Any such edits would not be visible on Google Maps unless the business is verified.
  • Links referring to reservations and orders can be changed at any instance.

What Can you Follow for Optimizing the Website?

For a stunning website, here’s what you need to follow:

  • Since you know that the cover photo would appear when customers search through Google, you should check the quality of the image.
  • Make sure that the photo is clear and bright.
  • You must use different images to showcase your business. Always think about the image for presenting digital content. It could either be products, services, the team or the location.
  • When you are stating the headline, you can focus on the main selling point and attract the attention to know more about the business.
  • In the ‘Summary’, you can show relevant information. For instance, if you are managing a restaurant, then you can present images of sample items. If you deal in repairing things, then you can state the experience, the response time, and the tasks you are good at.
  • If it’s an online store, then you can include labels, store codes, and the Adwords location extension number.
  • Ensure that the contact number is clearly visible on the website. You should not commit a mistake in stating the business location, address, and other contact details.

To conclude, a website developed with the help of Google My Business is the best solution for presenting the business online. If you need to take the advantage of advanced features, then you can check the site creators at Google Domains.

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