PHP Based OpenSource Technologies and Its Benefits

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PHP has now become easy and cost-effective with additional features platforms. It allows developers to create PHP web applications with greater simplicity and quickly. PHP frameworks offer feature-rich functionalities and free PHP components which make it most convenient option to choose for robust PHP website development.

There are plenty of Open Source PHP frameworks available to choose. However, you need to consider certain aspects to make better choice such as; easy to use and learn, popularity among developers, rapid development, performance, robustness, available features and good documentations.

This write up is discussing about the best open source PHP technologies that help developers to enhance their skills by providing global community support.

PHP Based Open Source Technologies


It is one of the most popular PHP web application frameworks among developers. CI is an open source PHP web application development framework that enables easy code separation by providing MVC (Model View Controller) architecture. CodeIgniter contains all tools that coders need to develop a fully functional dynamic web applications. It has above 57,000 registered members which provide a huge global community support where you can discuss your queries and learn new things as well. Thus, it is worth to try PHP based CodIgniter framework.

Zend Framework

It is PHP based open source framework developed by Zend Technologies to provide a reliable and secure platform for PHP developers. It has been integrated with Object Oriented (OO) concepts like inheritance and interfaces which boost developers to apply their own special variations of individual components. ZF is the most dependable option to choose as your coding framework especially for Web 2.0 web applications development. However, being a VC framework some developers don't recommend Zend Framework.

Cake PHP

CakePHP has been integrated with Model View Controller (MVC), scaffolding and code generation tools to make the whole process of development faster and easier. It supports major database vendors such as; MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server and SQLite. This PHP based opensource framework packed with all require security features like, input validation and data sanitization, protection against form tampering, cross site request forgery (CSRF) and cross site scripting (XSS) attacks, as well as SQL injection. In short, CakePHP has many reasons to be used as your reliable PHP framework.


It is a cross-platform PHP web application framework released under MIT license in 2005. Symfony is an open source framework developed with an aim to speed up the entire website development and maintenance process. Symfony is a PHP MVC framework loaded with standard PHP components on which best web applications are built. Being a full-stack framework, it is used by big companies (BBC & CBS), big websites (TED,, Lockers) and some opensource projects are powered by this excellent PHP based open source technology. Thus, it is worth to invest in hiring symphony developer for your next project.

Yii Framework

Another useful open source framework written in PHP5. It is highly recommended to build WEB 2.0 applications and other complex web applications. It helps developers to develop extremely efficient, extensible and maintainable web applications by providing excellent security and caching support. It has been integrated with some advanced features such as; late static binding, SPL classes and interfaces, and anonymous functions. In short, Yii is a simplified PHP framework boost developers to push their skills using PHP5.

In brief, we bring top 5 PHP based opensource technologies that revolutionized modern PHP web development arena.

Benefits of OpenSource PHP Frameworks

Using one of the above mentioned PHP frameworks you will ensure below mentioned benefits such as:

  • It Reduces Development Cost by providing free web scripting platforms
  • Capable to design and develop even high traffic websites
  • Code is embedded in the C/C++ based HTML source code which makes developers even more rapid and accurate
  • Compatible with all major search engines and database systems
  • Support all major web servers like Apache, Microsoft IIS, Netscape, personal webserver, iPlanet server, etc.
  • Facilitated with some security layers to prevent unwanted threats and malicious attacks
  • Reliable and proven opensource technologies.

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