How Ai-Enabled Chatbots Improve Your Customer Service?

AI Enabled Chatbots

The secret for business growth is totally dependent on how the team serves its customers. While earning customer satisfaction may take some time, chatbots have made it possible to deliver remarkable customer service. Artificial Intelligence powered chatbots lends a personal touch to the response mechanism and the way in which the conversation is taken forward. So, as you scroll ahead, you can go through the benefits of AI based virtual assistant.

How Customer Service Helps to Increase Business Revenue?

According to a research conducted by a software company, customer service can either have a positive or a negative impact on the revenue.

  • Around 60 percent of B2B and 40 percent of B2C customers purchase more items soon after the representative resolves the queries.
  • More than 60 percent of B2B customers and 50 percent of B2C customers have stopped making a purchase when they had a bad experience with the representative.

Therefore, customer service is something that adds value to the brand image of the company. Once the significance is understood, the image of the organization depends on the quality of customer service. Clients who are happy with the customer service are bound to come back and purchase some more products. Moreover, brands consider customer service as an opportunity to improve the reputation, retain the existing clients and build a relationship with new ones.

5 Reasons to Choose AI Powered Chatbots

1. A chatbot helps to answer queries quickly. This helps to enhance the customer service and makes the customer they get a quick resolution to issues they have raised. Way ahead, implementation of chatbots has the potential to speed up issue resolutions and eventually improve customer satisfaction. The customer needn’t wait for an answer when the question is posted online.

2. Even though a business owner needs to invest in a chatbot, it can be considered as a one-time investment. On the other hand, if a representative would be attending to queries, then time needs to be spent for training them. But, once the customer service agent is automated through a chatbot, a considerable amount of time and money could be saved.

3. As the Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine capabilities empower chatbots, responses are delivered beyond anyone’s expectations. The AI powered chatbots would be far more capable to think over the needs of the customers and respond accordingly. Ultimately, harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence can just make the team smarter.

4. Chatbots aid in increasing the customer engagement and enhance interaction. As the chatbots are programmed in a way to engage customers, the bots are proactive in offering a solution. The best part is that the company doesn’t have to recruit representatives who would be working in different shifts of the day. The chatbots manages everything even in the middle of the night. With a friendly tone, the customers can stay for a longer time on the website. A quick response can b expected as the chatbots recognize the interests, the behaviour and the preferences. To put it in better words, chatbots have the ability to up-sell and cross-sell in the best way possible.

5. Even the company is utilizing limited resources, the chatbots can help to enhance the customer service. A plethora of customer queries can be attended by switching from one server to the other. In fact, the AI chatbots comprehends what the customer needs and eliminates the necessity of hiring individuals and training them just to speak the colloquial language.

AI Chatbot Trends

With the radical shift from mobile app development to AI chatbots, here are some of the trends you can expect in the year 2018.

Voice bots soon would be prominent in the digital world. Apart from Google and Amazon, Apple continues to offer voice bots to its customers. This effort would help to understand the customers, recognize the problems, and solve them quickly.

In the forthcoming years, blockchains would change the landscape of technology. For instance, Kik has already launched KIP to build virtual economy with the messaging platform. This would help to offer advice whenever required. The continuous growth let’s organization take the advantage of crypto-currencies.

Website AI chatbots would be embedded into the site’s design. This would take interactivity to the next level as someone is navigating the site. The visitor would experience a different approach and may get enticed to make a purchase.

Finally, after considering the benefits of chatbots are considered, everything has a huge impact on the customer service industry. In the process of engaging customers, the ability of swiftly responding just makes the customers happy. Implementing the conversational interfaces can aid to connect with new as well as existing customers. The power of AI can help to pace ahead with the revenue stream that’s never thought about.

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