Best WordPress Plugins to Spy Hacking Activities

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Since WordPress has been known as the widely used content management system, hackers are always ready to go to the roots of a website. But, the likelihood can easily be ruled off if the security plugins are installed. So, here's a list of best WordPress plugins that can spy hacking activities.

WordPress Plugins for Higher Security of your Website

BulletProof Security

If you're finding the most ideal plugin for an ultimate security protection, then BulletProof Security should be your choice. Within one click, you can actually secure the folder associated with the website along with the ‘wp-admin' folder. It secures the domain against XSS, RFI,CSRF, and SQL as well as code injection hacking attempts. Apart from everything else, BulletProof Security can be setup easily with a one-click wizard.


As it's evident from the name, WordFence functions to make the website much more secure. You can also call the plugin as a ‘performance and free enterprise class security plugin' because it enhances the speed 50 times than usual. A deep server-side scan is always performed while the site is checked for malicious attacks. The plugin features live traffic view to keep a tab on web traffic and hacking attempts. Besides, the Web Application Firewall blocks visitors even before they can access the site. You can also make a choice for blocking throttle users which may enter after violating WordPress security rules.

WordFence Dashboard

Sucuri Security

When you think about Sucuri Security, the site can be safeguarded through file integrity monitoring, activity auditing, remote malware scanning and security hardening. In case you opt for a premium version, the site can benefit from a firewall. Actions are immediately taken even if the site is hacked. Access is provided only when the activity is carefully scanned.

iThemes Security

Formerly known as Better WP security, iThemes Security offers you more than 30 ways to secure the WordPress website. As WordPress admins are unaware of the vulnerabilities, the plugin acts as a barrier for automated attacks and fixing common web-related issues. With the help of advanced features, the plugin takes security to the next level. You can always schedule malware scans and be informed via. an email if issues are found. Moreover, the wp-cli integration enables you to manage security by entering commands.

All In One WP Security & Firewall

Known as a user-friendly and comprehensive plugin, All In One WP Security & Firewall uses the latest security practices and techniques. The plugin offers security point grading system that gives an overview of how well the site has been protected. Suspicious IP addresses are always locked when a hacker tries to break through. Not just that, the plugin protects PHP code by disallowing users to edit the files. The site is surely empowered to block fake Googlebots which can affect website performance.

All In One WP Security & Firewall

Shield Security

If you don't wish to put the online presence at a risk, then Shield security can protect multiple websites with iControl IP. While the user interface is easy to setup, the plugin protects the site from malicious URLs and requests. The user sessions management imposes restrictions for username sharing in addition to monitoring login activity. On the whole, the plugin prevents attacks owing to automatic bot logins. Best of all, the user can also hide WordPress Admin page.

SecuPress Free

Even when you're tied up with many tasks, SecuPress protects the website in the most effective way. No matter what it might be; block bots, or suspicious IP addresses, malware scans are performed regularly. Unlike other security plugins, SecuPress protects security keys, block online visits, and detects vulnerable themes. With the Security Audit feature, the site is checked for 35 security points in a few minutes. Once done, you can avail a security report and export the file to the top management team.

Shieldfy Security Firewall and Anti Virus

Shieldfy Security Firewall and Anti Virus is one of the best plugins that protects the site from hackers, malware and unwanted guests. As the name suggests, Shieldfy functions like an external shield and keeps the site away from malicious traffic. Even if users try to access the site through a proxy, Shieldfy detects what the user would be up to. Apart from blocking attacks, the plugin recognizes unrestricted file uploads, XSS, SQL injection, Local or remote file inclusion and remote code execution.

Shieldfy Security Firewall and Anti Virus

6Scan Security

Thinking about the best protection for the WordPress website? Then 6Scan security is just for your site. The security scanner works a level up other WordPress plugins. Apart from keeping the site away from hackers, 6Scan prevents information from getting stolen. The security problem is mitigated in no time once the vulnerable code is detected. The dual scanning feature helps in detecting malware infections to the best extent. If there's a danger, you would always be notified with an SMS. With the security badge, you can always boost visitor's confidence and increase the number of leads.

G2 Security

Google safe browsing or blacklist notification is one of the features that makes G2 Security the best plugin. While the WPScan provides vulnerability alerts on a daily basis, file editing can be disabled and bad queries can always be blocked. Google Recaptcha Integration further elevates the security.

So, this is the list of plugins we have compiled. Hope you are in a better position to enhance security.

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