Local SEO

6 Local SEO Marketing Strategies to Build Your Business

Are you struggling for leads? Do you own local business? Why don’t you optimize for search engine? Why you are not ranking for Google? You can!!! It’s not hard!! It’s not so expensive. Why do you keep spending thousands of dollars for Google Adwords? That’s fine if you’re enough reach 🙂 BUT what if I […]

Promote Business on Linkedin

8 Reasons Why You Should Promote Your Brand on Linkedin

As years passed by, LinkedIn has always served to the most powerful tool for individuals who seek to build a network or promote the brand. While the platform is important for a business, LinkedIn has always changed the game plan for B2B companies. So, if you’re dabbling in the B2B realm, then you shouldn’t wait […]

Wordpress Plugins to Spy Hacking Activities

Best WordPress Plugins to Spy Hacking Activities

Since WordPress has been known as the widely used content management system, hackers are always ready to go to the roots of a website. But, the likelihood can easily be ruled off if the security plugins are installed. So, here’s a list of best WordPress plugins that can spy hacking activities. WordPress Plugins for Higher […]


How Does Web Page Load Time Effect Website Performance?

There’s a huge difference between site speed and page speed. While site speed refers to the number of page views while navigating the website, page speed can be recognized as ‘page load time’. It is nothing but the time required to load content on a particular web page. Besides, it also indicates the time a […]

Building a Dynamic Wordpress Website

Steps To Follow For Building A Dynamic Website Using WordPress

Building a website can be a time consuming and arduous task. You have to actually imagine learning a programming language and the code that runs behind. Moving ahead, you need to be skillful with coding skills to make the site appealing. But, thankfully, the free open source publishing system, WordPress can empower a website. It’s […]

Wordpress Website is Hacked

How To Identify Whether A WordPress Website Is Hacked?

Most of the time, when we offer WP support to our clients, we have to answer the question, ‘How can I know that my WordPress website is hacked? Well, to help you figure out what’s going behind the scenes, we have compiled some signs. These can either be dangerous or can bring annoying lags as […]