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Wordpress for Small Business Website Development

Why Choose WordPress for Small Business Websites?

WordPress has become one of the most popular website platforms in the world... Read More

Loyal Web Solutions is a Game Changer in Web Development Space

Loyal Web Solutions is a Game-Changer in India’s Web Development Space

In this digital age, websites serve as portals that connect consumers with brands and companies... Read More

Facebook Marketing and Business

How Facebook Marketing Help To Business?

Facebook is preferably much more than a meeting place for friends. But, gradually,... Read More

Why Local Business Need a Website

Why Is WordPress the Best Web Platform?

WordPress is one of the world’s most popular CMS systems for a good reason. It’s well-designed,... Read More

Why Local Business Need a Website

Why Local Businesses Need a Website More Than Ever in 2019?

Today for anything, you can have a website - from online shopping to having a pet fan page.... Read More

Clutch Award

What Shopify Holds for Businesses in 2019?

Shopify announced at their annual conference that they might be releasing a set of new features coming year.... Read More

Upgrade php5 to php7

7 Perks of Upgrading your Website from PHP5 to PHP7

PHP is an extremely famous language and more than eighty percent of websites use this per PHP which means that most of these sites are made on PHP to some... Read More

Clutch Award

Loyal Web Solutions Named A Top Developer By Clutch

Loyal Web Solutions is a leading IT agency based in India. We provide Web Design, Web Development, E-commerce Development, Open Source technologies... Read More

What is SEO

What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Your Definitive Guide

Whenever you do some research on the web, it automatically gives you loads of sites you can choose from. Have you wondered how these search engines... Read More

Web Hosting Plan

Which Web Hosting Plan Is Best For You?

In this technological world it is not easy for any business to sustain without an online presence. You need a website either for your business, enterprises.... Read More

Top Content Management Systems

7 Top Content Management Systems You Can Opt For Your Business

If you run an online business, then you might know the deal by creating a strong web presence to reach a wide range of customers.... Read More

Bigcommerce Agency Partner

Loyal Web Solutions Becomes A Certified BigCommerce Agency Partner

Loyal Web Solutions is very happy to announce that we have become a certified BigCommerce Agency Partner.... Read More

How Does Shopify Work

How Does Shopify Work as an eCommerce Platform?

Shopify is an e-commerce platform for establishing an online retail business. A huge number of businesses are progressing to the world of hosted e-commerce platforms and Shopify.... Read More

MNCs Vs Startups

MNCs VS Startups - How To Select The Right Company For Your Career?

It is a crucial question in the recent days that whether to choose from the big MNCs or startups when you are selecting the right company for the job.... Read More

Holidays Special Discount

Happy Holidays - 30% Discount On All Web Design & Development Services

Huge Discount on all Web Design and Development Services Available Now on these Happy Holidays.... Read More

Wordpress Vs Magento

Wordpress Vs Magento - Which One Is Best For Your Online Store?

If you're currently managing a website and seeking to integrate E-Commerce functionality, then you can choose from numerous options.... Read More

Google Sites

Great News - Small Business Can Now Build Website With Google For Free

After you have claimed your listing on the most popular search engine, Google, you can create a mobile friendly website without investing anything.... Read More


Wordpress Gutenberg - Say Hello To New Exciting Editor

In the near future, the new WordPress content Editor, Gutenberg would soon be released. While some of the users are happy.... Read More

eCommerce with Shopify

25 Reasons To Switch Your Online Store On Shopify

If you are unaware of what Shopify is all about, then it is nothing but a content management system that's developed for E-Commerce retailers. .... Read More


Stencil - New Theming Engine For The Bigcommerce Platform

The demand for online retail often brings in a challenge to pace ahead with the E-Commerce trends. We all might have enhanced our skills to present the best.... Read More

Ai Enabled Chatbots

How Ai-Enabled Chatbots Improve Your Customer Service?

The secret for business growth is totally dependent on how the team serves its customers. While earning customer satisfaction may take some time,.... Read More

Voice Search - Trending Way To Search Information Online

In the anticipation of the upcoming trends in 2018, the tendency of using voice search is going to increase. Though the year might see a phenomenal increase.... Read More

6 Local SEO Marketing Strategies to Build Your Business

Are you struggling for leads? Do you own local business? Why don't you optimize for search engine? Why you are not ranking for Google?... Read More

8 Reasons Why You Should Promote Your Brand On Linkedin

As years passed by, LinkedIn has always served to the most powerful tool for individuals who seek to build a network or promote the brand... Read More

Best WordPress Plugins To Spy Hacking Activities

Since WordPress has been known as the widely used content management system, hackers are always ready to go to the roots of a website... Read More

How Does Web Page Load Time Effect Website Performance?

There's a huge difference between site speed and page speed. While site speed refers to the number of page views... Read More

Steps To Follow For Building A Dynamic Website Using WordPress

Building a website can be a time consuming and arduous task. You have to actually imagine learning a programming language and the code that runs behind... Read More

How To Identify Whether A WordPress Website Is Hacked?

Most of the time, when we offer WP support to our clients, we have to answer the question, ‘How can I know that my WordPress website is hacked?...Read More

Happy Birthday To Dear Mahesh Gotrekiya

In India, when it is someone's birthday, it is tradition to smear their face with birthday cake...Read More

10 Ways To Boost Your Online Business In Festive Seasons

Festivals are an integral part of our lifestyle and we all want to make each festive moment memorable by doing many things like parties, trips, shopping and all that... Read More

Happy Birthday to Dear Vishal Sir

Today on 20th February, morning starts at Loyal Web Solutions with new zeal as we need to make quick arrangements for one birthday... Read More

Happy Birthday to Dear Monika Kapadiya

Today on 18th February, we have enjoyed some special moments at Loyal Web Solutions... Read More

A Guide on How SEO Helps Small Businesses

Every business, no matter their size, must have a website. However, SEO is really challenging due to time and cost involved in small businesses... Read More

Happy Birthday to Dear Hardip Sir

Today is 8th January, a very precious day for Loyal Web Solutions (LWS) as we are celebrating birthday of our dearer and nearer Hardip Sir... Read More

What Facility Ecommerce Site Should Offer to Their Customers

Ecommerce is basically a term used for any kind of business or transaction that involves transfer of information through internet... Read More

Role of Social Media in Brand Building

Brand can be small to big size businesses, products and individual which need as much exposure as possible for better accumulation... Read More

Why Outsource IT Works to India is Good for Business?

Ever increasing growth of information technology sector has changed the perception of India in the global arena... Read More

PHP Based OpenSource Technologies and Its Benefits

PHP has now become easy and cost-effective with additional features platforms. It allows developers to create PHP web applications with greater simplicity and quickly... Read More

How WordPress Helps to Create an SEO Friendly Ecommerce Website?

WordPress has begun its expedition as a powerful blogging platform and evolved as the world's most popular backend software... Read More

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